Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3

Sad news today concerning Rockstar Games. After the wave of success they are riding with Red Dead Redemption, something isn’t quite right. We got an email stating that they have decided that Rockstar will not be making a presence at this years E3.

A company spokesperson says, that instead it will be focusing on scheduling its own dedicated press rounds at its headquarters in the coming weeks.

“In the end, we feel we simply don’t have enough time to show as much as we would like in the time available,” a spokesperson said.

There are also rumors saying that the development team behind Grand Theft Auto had a E3 game launch, but that it has since been pulled.

All may not be lost, for those of you who may remember, GTA IV was announced during the Microsoft press site at E3 in 2006. Our hunch is they still may be mentioned at certain press conferences, but will not be on the game show floor.

[UPDATE]Rockstar has just announced a press meeting on June 8th about their 2nd Quarter results, we might get some better answers. ICGamers will be there and bring you the latest. Games Will Not Be at E3 newsvine:Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3 furl:Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3 reddit:Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3 fark:Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3 Y!:Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3 gamegrep:Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3

4 comments on 'Rockstar Games Will Not Be at E3'

Comment by world of war craft on 2010-06-07 16:01:44

that really sucks they should have to come

Comment by world of war craft on 2010-06-07 16:03:22

so why are they not coming

Comment by The Great Game Debacle on 2010-06-19 22:58:45

Playing Red Dead Redemption right now. Look for my review coming soon.

Comment by Robert on 2010-11-11 14:02:55

Noooooo!!! They should have come!!

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