DJ Hero Coming This Autumn

Calling all disc jockeys! It’s time to break out those mad juggling, scratching and backspin skills, cos Activision has just announced the sequel to last year’s DJ Hero is returning to consoles this autumn.

Currently in development at FreeStyleGames for all major platforms, DJ Hero 2 is said to include a whole host of new features, including an “Empire” career mode and vocal support for all you wannabe rappers. Confirmed artists so far include The Chemical Brother, Dr Dre, Kayne West, Lady Gaga, Metallica and Rihanna, with “over 85” to be unveiled.

DJ Hero

Most promising though is Activision’s revealing of “a host of all-new social multiplayer game modes,” including online DJ Battles. To aid FreeStyle’s enhanced ideas, gamers can expect the game to be bundled with two turntables and a microphone come release day, along with a the usual single turntable bundle and standalone game.

“DJ Hero was the best music game of 2009 and with DJ Hero 2 we’re delivering a new easy to pick-up, challenging-to-master experience that all players can enjoy together,” said David Haddad, CEO of the Guitar Hero franchise.

Rest assured, Xboxic will keep you up to date as details emerge. Hero Coming This Autumn newsvine:DJ Hero Coming This Autumn furl:DJ Hero Coming This Autumn reddit:DJ Hero Coming This Autumn fark:DJ Hero Coming This Autumn Y!:DJ Hero Coming This Autumn gamegrep:DJ Hero Coming This Autumn

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