SEGA Announces Thor: The Video Game

SEGA have today announced they will bring Marvel Entertainment’s hall-of-fame franchise Thor to video game systems in an epic third-person adventure game.

Thor: The Video Game will delve deep into the heroic tales of the Thor universe. Eisner Award-winning writer and lead Thor comic book author Matt Fraction brings authenticity to the narrative as a story consultant, and elevates the story beyond the comic and movie universe throughout the video game. Players will take on an array of ancient enemies and beasts from the many worlds of Norse mythology by using different battle strategies and elemental powers. The sacred Mjolnir, Thor’s legendary hammer, will allow players to command the powers of the storm: wind, thunder and lightning. By earning Valor in combat throughout the game, players will also be able to select from a wider range of abilities, acquire new attacks, powers and upgrades.

Each version of the game is being developed to take advantage of all five console platforms. The PS3 and Xbox 360 version will feature cinematic, third-person action gameplay with melee combos, ranged hammer throws, tide-turning elemental powers and an upgrade system to bolster Thor’s powers as gamers progress. Players will be able to follow the same overarching story in the PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS versions presented in a comic book style, allowing fans to explore new content in the same universe.

While taking its inspiration directly from the mythology of the comics, Thor: The Video Game will launch around the time of the upcoming Thor film adaptation from Marvel Studios and is scheduled for release on all five major console platforms in summer 2011. Announces Thor: The Video Game newsvine:SEGA Announces Thor: The Video Game furl:SEGA Announces Thor: The Video Game reddit:SEGA Announces Thor: The Video Game fark:SEGA Announces Thor: The Video Game Y!:SEGA Announces Thor: The Video Game gamegrep:SEGA Announces Thor: The Video Game

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