Worst Game Ever Coming To PSP

Games developer and publisher iFun4all is persistent about proving that they indeed achieved their goal and made worst game ever. To do so they plan to bring Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder to Sony PlayStation Portable.

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is an extension to the previously released Crap of Defense game for iPhone. The game was self proclaimed “worst game ever”, and their creation story included themes such as a deaf composer paying for using his music in the game, a kid artist from China working on the art and the cheapest team ever assembled, with total budget of just 500 Russian rubles (excluding stolen hardware). Full story can be found here.

Paper Wars: Cannon fodder isn’t just a port of an original game – it is taking the game to a whole new level of quality (for good or for bad, depending on what are you looking for). “We not only added completely new campaign, but added dozens of levels to previous two” says Laszlo Kovács, Hungarian game producer,.

“Combined with numerous new enemy types, shooting modes, power ups and hundreds of achievements, it will be probably be the hugest attempt to fry brains of all hardcore gamers, that will make the brave stand against this most exhausting experience in video games history” he boldly ends (sipping absinth with Fülöp, not completely sure what he just claimed).

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is expected to be released on Minis section of PSP Store later this month. Game Ever Coming To PSP newsvine:Worst Game Ever Coming To PSP furl:Worst Game Ever Coming To PSP reddit:Worst Game Ever Coming To PSP fark:Worst Game Ever Coming To PSP Y!:Worst Game Ever Coming To PSP gamegrep:Worst Game Ever Coming To PSP

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