L.A. Noire Pushed To 2011

Rockstar Games’ 1940’s inspired game L.A. Noire will not be available this year.

Take Two first reported it on their quarterly report released this morning, being delayed till the first half of 2011. A conference call this afternoon, CEO Ben Feder confirmed the delay, but talked the game up stating that the game is “nothing short of amazing.” Chairmain Strauss Zelnick added that the extra time would give developer Team Bondi time to “polish and perfect the game”.

Except for being a cover story for Game Informer in their March issue, little has been said, with many expecting another delay.

L.A. Noire was originally a PS 3 exclusive being revealed, but still unnamed back in 2004, the release date being pushed back several times. Only earlier this year did we learn that game would also be available on the Xbox 360. Noire Pushed To 2011 newsvine:L.A. Noire Pushed To 2011 furl:L.A. Noire Pushed To 2011 reddit:L.A. Noire Pushed To 2011 fark:L.A. Noire Pushed To 2011 Y!:L.A. Noire Pushed To 2011 gamegrep:L.A. Noire Pushed To 2011

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