Guitar Hero switches developer

Last week some rumors were floating around the net about a possible ’80s edition of Guitar Hero and a possible switch of developer as well. At the time, publisher RedOctane/Activision wouldn’t respond to these rumors but there’s no denying anymore since Neversoft has their website split down the middle between a Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk picture.

The reason behind this switch is unknown since Guitar Hero is a very successful franchise and Harmonix has done a very good job. Sales of Guitar Hero 2 (with and without guitar controller) were very high and reached 1.3 million sold units last year in the US according to recent NPD data. Even though Neversoft has some very talented staff, we’ll have to wait and see if they can come up with a sequel which has the same quality as the previous Guitar Hero games.

When contacted for comment last week, Neversoft president Joel Jewett did not return our calls, while publisher RedOctane/Activision issued us the standard response that they “do not comment on rumor.” Now, however, there’s no denying it.

As you can see in the screenshot, Neversoft is hiring new staff, you can click on either of the pictures but they both lead to the same job page. The source of our source indicated that the positions being filled are for Guitar Hero 3, and not for another iteration of a Tony Hawk game.

Clicking on “Positions Available” for either game takes you to the same hiring/job listings page, and none of the positions explicitly mentions anything about Guitar Hero. And while details are scant at the moment, our source did indicate to us that the positions being filled are for Guitar Hero III.

You can find Guitar Hero 2 for PS2 in shops already and you have the choice of getting a version with and without a guitar. Hero switches developer newsvine:Guitar Hero switches developer furl:Guitar Hero switches developer reddit:Guitar Hero switches developer fark:Guitar Hero switches developer Y!:Guitar Hero switches developer gamegrep:Guitar Hero switches developer

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