Price drops for EA games

Blowout!Last Christmas, I gave you some gift certificates but the very next day, you spent them all on expensive titles. This year, to save you from going broke, EA drops prices for a big part of their ‘06 lineup. Pardon my crappy Wham! parody but Game Invasion received a list from EA with some very interesting price drops for a lot of recent titles across all the major platforms.

  • ‘Madden NFL 07′
    GBA - Was: $29.99 New: $19.99
    GameCube - Was: $39.99 New: $29.99
  • ‘Need for Speed Carbon’
    GBA - Was: $29.99 New: $19.99
  • ‘Superman Returns’
    GBA - Was: $29.99 New: $19.99
  • ‘The Sims 2 Pets’
    GBA - Was: $29.99 New: $19.99
  • ‘FIFA Soccer 07′
    GBA - Was: $29.99 New: $19.99
    GameCube - $39.99 New: $29.99

These are just the titles on Gamecube and GBA, head over to Playstatic and Xboxic for a list of games that dropped in price for those platforms. The Nintendo bit of the list isn’t the biggest out of the three but Madden and FIFA for 30 bucks should be enough to keep the sports fans entertained.

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