Surf's Up announced

A videogame based on the Surf’s Up movie has been announced today by Sony. Ubisoft’s Montreal studio will be handling the transition from movie to video game. The CG animated film will be available in theaters June 8th for the US and a little later for the rest of the world.

The movie is about a penguin called Cody who leaves his friends and family behind to become a professional surfer. This back story from the movie isn’t really relevant for the gameplay, but during the game you’ll be treated with some footage from the movie so it’s nice to know what’s going on. In the game you’ll be playing as one of the ten characters, including Cody and it’s your goal to become the champion of Reggie Belafonte Big Z Memorial Surf Off.


  • Innovative arcade and surf feeling with players performing a variety of impressive tricks in the air and learning to surf inside a tube.
  • Win the championship in the single-player mode or challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode with easy pick-up-and-play game controls.
  • 10 playable characters with their own tricks and characteristics.
  • Impressive water simulation and physics. Surf in a variety of locations, each with its own waves and obstacles. Train in the calm water of Shiverpool, ride your first tubes in Pen Gu Island, and try to surf on the explosive waters of the volcano area.
  • Tons of unlockable content.
  • Awesome game soundtrack for carving waves featuring more than 10 licensed music tracks.

The screenshots found below are obviously not taken from a Nintendo DS or Gameboy Advance version of the game, but it’s unclear exactly which version of the game they’re from. They look rather unimpressive for next-gen screenshots, but they look pretty good for last-gen, so until more screenshots become available, let’s hope for the best.

The game will hit the shelves September 27th this year and will be made available on the following platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP, Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and PC.'s Up announced newsvine:Surf's Up announced furl:Surf's Up announced reddit:Surf's Up announced fark:Surf's Up announced Y!:Surf's Up announced gamegrep:Surf's Up announced

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