New Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced

Kotaku reports that Japanese developer Capcom has announced a trio of titles over the weekend, heading to the Nintendo DS. The biggest news is that two new Mega Man titles will be winging their way to the dual-screened portable this year, while a new Phoenix Wright title is also penned in for release before the end of 2007.

Mega Man ZX Advent, ready for shipping in October 2007, will follow two heroes, Grey and Ashe, on two separate buy intertwining adventures as they search out answers amidst a chaotic war between humans and robots. Capcom promise that their struggle will see them pit against a menacing, evil force in a battle unprecedented in the Mega Man series to date.

As you’d expect, the new title will make full use of the Nintendo DS’ touch screen functionality to enhance the gameplay and storyline. Touted is the dynamic “Biometal” system, which will be central to the action, allowing players to morph into several forms, including that of eight bosses, each with a variety of unique abilities and powers. As is so very common amongst developers, the Nintendo DS’ lower screen will also make room for an interactive map - not quite as an exciting prospect as switching physical forms, granted, but still undoubtedly handy.

“The team listened to fan feedback to design a game that would appeal to Mega Man fans old and new,” said Jack Symon, director, brand marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “It was evident that we needed to create a game that is uniquely made for the Nintendo DS while still delivering a great Mega Man action game.”

Set in the year 20XX, Mega Man Star Force, out in August in North America, will launch with three versions of the same game simultaneously - Pegasus, Leo and Dragon - the first time in the series 20 year long history. Unlike ZX Advent, Star Force is an action RPG that will blend exploration and fast-paced battling as players explore the in-game world.

Combat takes place on a three by five grid, where players use a portfolio of Battle Cards that each have distinct attributes and attack powers. As the story unfolds, more cards will become available allowing players to build a formidable arsenal and to tailor their battling strategy as suits them best. Best of all, players will be able to connect wirelessly via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to exchange cards and status upgrades.

“Mega Man is one of the gaming industry’s most iconic franchises and the series continues to evolve,” commented Jack Symon, director, brand marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “Mega Man Star Force kicks off a new, innovative series in three versions, offering fans even more ways to enjoy their favourite blue hero.”

Also announced for a release on the Nintendo DS later this year, according to CVG, is the long awaited third Phoenix Wright title - Trials and Tribulations. The game based on the Game Boy Advance titles of past sees our favourite lawyer teaming up with Maya Fey to duke it out in a war of words with new prosecutor Godo - he used to mess around with Maya’s dead sister, don’t ya know?

Currently, Trials and Tribulations is dated for a September release in North America, to which we have no objections. Hohoho! Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced newsvine:New Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced furl:New Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced reddit:New Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced fark:New Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced Y!:New Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced gamegrep:New Mega Man and Phoenix Wright announced

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Comment by Doug on 2007-04-16 10:54:56

Mega Man I-III and X1-X3 on Virtual Console now please.

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