Does Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii?

In an interview with Yahoo! Games, Tobey Maguire who has played Spider-Man in the previous two cinema iterations and is once again to don a suit of spandex for some more web-slinging action very shortly, has hinted that he prefers the Nintendo Wii version of the videogame based on the film, despite his alliances with Sony.

Maguire chatted at some length with regards about the Spider-Man 3 videogame, as well as his own personal connection with interactive entertainment. When asked, “What do you think of the new Spider-Man game?” he chose to refer directly to the Nintendo Wii version, despite the movie being distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment - although he was sharp enough to finish his response with a nod to his employers:

“From what I’ve seen of the Spider-Man 3 game, it looks amazing. There are these interactive cinematic cut scenes, the way you fight - it’s just amazing. I haven’t tried the game on the Wii yet, but I’m really excited as you can use the wands to actually swing through the air. So you’re actually moving like Spider-Man, and your guy moves like Spider-Man through the game. So I’m really excited to try that out. But, of course, as a good company man, I will be primarily playing the Spider-Man 3 game on the PlayStation 3.”

The Hollywood actor also talked about some of the details relating to the game, including the differences between the ordinary and black-suited Spider-Man. He explained that the traditional Spider-Man didn’t want to hurt anyone, so naturally he is more concerned with swinging around New York City. On the other hand the darker Spider-Man is twice as powerful and has the potential to cause real damage when his rage meter is full.

Does To-bey prefer Nintendo Wii?

Speaking about his personal experiences with videogames, Maguire revealed that he owns every home console in the current generation, but doesn’t really have much time to play them. However, out of the three available, he chose once again to mention the Nintendo Wii over its competitors:

“I have the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. And I don’t really play. [LAUGHS] I have all those platforms and I don’t really have time to play many games. I mean, I tried some of the new games on the Wii which was fun… just to try that different type of game play. And mostly I play the third-person action-adventure games.”

The Spider-Man 3 videogame is released for almost all current formats at the beginning of May, including the Nintendo Wii, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. The latter is set to use touch screen gestures to perform combat, webbing and interaction, as well as squeezing in a fully 3D Big Apple to explore - albeit smaller than its home console counterparts. Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii? newsvine:Does Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii? furl:Does Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii? reddit:Does Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii? fark:Does Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii? Y!:Does Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii? gamegrep:Does Maguire prefer Spider-Man Wii?

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