EU/AU VC Friday (May 18th, 2007)

This post’s new title is a little bit of a fib in terms of the European Virtual Console releases. You see, due to a public holiday in Germany today where the continent’s VC system is based, Nintendo was prompted into delivering a new wave of retro goodies to its loyal public a whole day early. Would any Aussies out there like to let us know if it was the same case for you guys?

The first of two new additions to the Virtual Console is the brilliant sequel to Donkey Kong Country (already available for download). It was praised highly for its atmospheric and imaginative level design, as well as a large sense of exploration and discovery with multiple secrets to uncover out Easter eggs aplenty. The title was later granted a Game Boy Advance port in 2004, but if you missed both the original and said portable re-release, then here it is once again to help prise those pennies from your purse.

Donkey Kong 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (SNES, 1 player, 800 Wii Points)

Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by the evil Kaptain. K. Rool, who is demanding DK’s hear-earned banana hoard as ransom! But there’s no way the Kongs are going to give it up that easily! In this pirate-themed sequel to Donkey Kong Country, guide Diddy or Dixie Kong through eight wild worlds of comical action across the Kremling-infested Crocodile Isle. Discovered new secrets, learn new abilities, meet new Kong family members, and take the reins of new animal buddies such as Squitter the Spider and Ratty the Rattlesnake.

Donkey Kong and co. swing onto the Virtual Console this week!

The only other title made available this week was known as Yosshi no Tamago (Yoshi’s Egg) in Japan, and was released for the original Game Boy in addition to the NES version on offer via the Virtual Console today. Despite its unusual charm, the puzzler has since been overshadowed by more popular Nintendo-themed titles such as Yoshi’s Cookie, Tetris Attack and Dr. Mario.

Mario & Yoshi (NES, 2 Player, 500 Wii Points)

Mario & Yoshi is a fast-paced NES puzzle game in which you must mix and match falling characters and piece together eggshells to free Yoshi trapped inside. Simply move Mario back and forth to catch the falling Goombas, Boos, Bloppers and Piranha Plants. Capture creatures between two eggshell halves and you’ll release a Yoshi; the more creatures you capture, the larger the Yoshi and the bigger the bonus! Mario & Yoshi also features a split-screen, simultaneous two-player mode that brings Luigi into play.

Which, if either, has taken your fancy this week? VC Friday (May 18th, 2007) newsvine:EU/AU VC Friday (May 18th, 2007) furl:EU/AU VC Friday (May 18th, 2007) reddit:EU/AU VC Friday (May 18th, 2007) fark:EU/AU VC Friday (May 18th, 2007) Y!:EU/AU VC Friday (May 18th, 2007) gamegrep:EU/AU VC Friday (May 18th, 2007)

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