Nintendo dominates April sales figures

The NPD Group has released its latest monthly sales figures for April, a four-week period that saw Nintendo dominate its rivals across both of its major platforms, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS in both hardware and software terms.

The Nintendo DS shifted a staggering 471,000 units last month, outdoing its home console cousin, Wii which managed to sell a very healthy 360,000 units. While sales of the handheld were down overall throughout North America compared to last month, sales of the Wii were considerably higher.

To put that good news into perspective, the Sony PlayStation 2 (194,00 units) continues to outsell its next-generation successor, the PlayStation 3 (82,000 machines sold), while even the humble and ageing Nintendo Game Boy Advance finished ahead of the PS3 (84,000 handhelds shifted). Meanwhile, the PlayStation Portable’s sales were up last month, April seeing it push 183,000 units.

The DS continues to outperform its competitors!

On the software side of things, Nintendo completely stole the show. The Nintendo DS’ Pokemon Diamond and Pearl sold a combined total of 1.75 million copies between them. That success was backed up by massive sales of Super Paper Mario and Wii Play, which filled the third and fourth spots of the month’s top-selling titles.

Hardware Sales For April 2007

  • Nintendo DS - 471K
  • Wii - 360K
  • PlayStation 2 - 194K
  • PlayStation Portable - 183K
  • Xbox 360 - 174K
  • Game Boy Advance - 84K
  • GameCube - 13K

Top 10 Software Sales For April 2007

01. Pokemon Diamond (DS) - 1.045M
02. Pokemon Pearl (DS) - 712K
03. Super Paper Mario (Wii) - 352K
04. Wii Play (Wii) - 249K
05. Guitar Hero II (Xbox 360) - 197K
06. Guitar Hero II (PS2) - 142K
07. Spider-Man 3 (Xbox 360) - 117K
08. Spider-Man 3 (PS2) - 105K
09. God of War II (PS2) - 101K
10. MLB ‘07: The Show (PS2) - 79K

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