Development of Ace Attorney 5 slips out

Capcom has confirmed that it is working on a fifth game in the Ace Attorney series of DS courtroom dramas, thanks to a slip of the tongue from one of the developer’s head honchos.

The ‘announcement’ slipped out during a presentation by the firm to a group of financial analysts in Tokyo yesterday, reports Bloomberg, when company president and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto made mention of Gyakuten Saiban 5 - Gyauten Saiben being name by which the hugely popular franchise is known by in Japan.

The first two titles in the series have been released in North America and Europe already under the guises of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Justice For All respectively. The third - Trials and Tribulations - gets its American release this September, although a European launch date has not yet been confirmed. Interestingly, the first three Ace Attorney games are Game Boy Advance titles, ported to the Nintendo DS.

Calm down Mr. Wright, aren’t you happy with the sales figures?

The fourth installment in the Ace Attorney series (Gyakuten Saiben 4, translated as Turnabout Trial 4) was released in Japan this April. Being the first in the franchise to be developed specifically for the Nintendo DS, it features more of a wealth of touch screen options, as well as microphone compatibility - something we’re sure will also be employed in its sequel.

Something else we expect number 5 to do too, is sell by the bucket load. Gyakuten Saiban 4 sold around a quarter of a million copies during its first week on sale in Japan according to Media-Create (after Famitsu rated it 9/9/9/9, 36/4), a figure that rose by another 50,000 copies around 300,000 the following week.

Ace Attorney 4 is also the first of the games not to feature Phoenix Wright as the main character - it takes place seven years later and stars a character by the name of Housuke Odoroki. There’s no word just yet as to who the lead of Ace Attorney 5 will be.

When other major terriroties will receive an English translation for either sequel three or four is anyone’s guess - but we’ll certainly have no objections. Hohoho. of Ace Attorney 5 slips out newsvine:Development of Ace Attorney 5 slips out furl:Development of Ace Attorney 5 slips out reddit:Development of Ace Attorney 5 slips out fark:Development of Ace Attorney 5 slips out Y!:Development of Ace Attorney 5 slips out gamegrep:Development of Ace Attorney 5 slips out

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