New Final Fantasy IV DS trailer released

If Square-Enix can be criticised for cynically re-releasing games from its back catalogue in what is seemingly a ploy only to make a quick buck, what you can’t hold against them is the way in which they manage to promote said re-makes. The most recent case in point is Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS, for which the firm has just launched a new trailer.

A 3D re-make of Final Fantasy IV is being released on the dual screened handheld as part of the campaign to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The title, being developed by Matrix Software (responsible for the DS’ Final Fantasy III) and is also being overseen by some of the original development team. If you didn’t catch FFIV on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, original PlayStation, WonderSwan Color or Game Boy Advance, here’s a summary of the plotline just for you:

“As Cecil, the leader of Baron’s elite Red Wings force, the king tasks you to recover the world’s most powerful elemental crystals, from other peaceful nations, whatever the cost. However, after questioning these actions you are cast out and soon uncover a sinister plot, which left unchecked could result in the end of life as we know it. With your close friend Kain at your side you must set off on an epic adventure that literally takes you from the depths of the earth to the furthest side of the moon.”

Final Fantasy IV introduced innovations that quickly became staples in the long-running series and across the Role Playing Game genre as a whole, notably it’s “Active Time Battle” system, which was used in six subsequent Final Fantasy titles. The achievements of FFIV, many critics believe, place it amongst one of the greatest videogame experiences of all time. We can just imagine the Nintendo DS version waiting nervously in the wings, given the weight of expectation on its shoulders. Regardless of its reception, though, we’re sure it’ll sell by the bucket load.

Anyway, enough of our ramblings: feast your eyes on the trailer either by heading over to Square Enix’s official site, or by watching the dumbed down quality of the beautiful CGI via the YouTube version below.

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