Miyamoto: GBA is still not dead and buried

News in Game Boy Advance Land might be a little thin on the ground these days, but the first real successor to the Game Boy (launched in 2001) will keep chugging onwards for some time yet according to Nintendo design guru, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Speaking to gaming blog, Kotaku, Miyamoto explained that the hardware is still selling well and because of that, Nintendo is still happy to continue shipping hardware to the market. However, he later goes on to admit that the firm’s focus is now squarely fixed on the future of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, saying, “[Nintendo’s] internal development teams have their hands full with creating content for Wii and DS. We’re focusing on that and not creating new software for the GBA at this time.”

The ol’ boy’s not lost it yet!

He explained that the Game Boy Advance’s vast library of software as a key factor in why the handheld is still alive and kicking: “There are still a lot of games on the platform that the current consumer still have not played, so there’s still life in it yet,” he said.

Other reasons for the GBA’s long-ranging success must be due to its various re-designs to kick start consumer interest again (SP, Micro), as well as its cheap retail price and view as a platform to introduce young players into the world of videogaming - a constant stream of movie-licensed titles assures this.

As of March 31, 2007, the Game Boy Advance had sold 79.46 million units worldwide, of which 41.92 million are Game Boy Advance SP units, and 2.42 million are Game Boy Micro units. On December 1, 2006. GBA is still not dead and buried newsvine:Miyamoto: GBA is still not dead and buried furl:Miyamoto: GBA is still not dead and buried reddit:Miyamoto: GBA is still not dead and buried fark:Miyamoto: GBA is still not dead and buried Y!:Miyamoto: GBA is still not dead and buried gamegrep:Miyamoto: GBA is still not dead and buried

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