Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go

We don’t think many people will dispute that the original Nintendo DS wasn’t the most pretty or ergonomic of devices. In fact, in comparison to the Sony PlayStation Portable, it was something of an ugly grey slab. The swift arrival of the much sleeker DS Lite proved this, and now if one analyst is to be believed, the dual-screened console’s next hardware rebuild is already complete.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson believes that Nintendo has already completed work on the DS Lite’s successor:

“Our contacts indicate that a refreshed DS is complete,” Wilson said today in his holiday preview investor’s note, reports Gamespot. “It is thinner (it has no GBA port), has on-board storage, and larger screens. However, we do not expect a revamped Wii or DS until sales begin to tail off in all three major geographies.”

Given the phenomenal continued success of the DS Lite and the masses of developer support for the format, who knows when sales of the current hardware will begin to diminish? …Certainly not soon if the production becomes cheaper and Nintendo can pump even more of the things out to a public yearning for more.

Could the third generation DS be the rumoured “OAP build” for elderly players, featuring bigger buttons and an easier-to-grip stylus?

What are your thoughts on a DS redesign? Would you ditch the Lite for its successor or stick with what you’ve already got? New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go newsvine:Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go furl:Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go reddit:Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go fark:Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go Y!:Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go gamegrep:Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go

5 comments on 'Analyst: New Nintendo DS hardware is good to go'

Comment by JMExp on 2007-11-15 13:00:06

i was looking to buy a ds lite to replace the lite i had and misplaced. been using my original ds for the time being. if this is infact true, i might wait for a while and see…

Comment by AugustusBot on 2007-11-15 16:07:14

“wah wah wah, no backwards compatibility? wah wah wah”

where are all the people who hated on ps3’s loss of BC.

Comment by Subrosian on 2007-11-15 18:40:56

I hardly use my Ds’s GBA slot and my Ps3 almost always gets it’s play time on a ps2/ps1 game. Two different things, ds is churning out awesome current gen games while the ps3 only gets sub-par games so ps3 owners(like me) play A LOT of ps2/ps1 games.

Comment by Kamon on 2007-11-16 14:18:35

A number of software on the DS utilizes both the DS card slot and the GBA port…

A good idea for the many new consumers Nintendo has introduced into the market.

Not so much for the handheld fanbase Nintendo has already established (particularly GBA gamers).

Comment by Tom on 2007-11-16 15:12:17

Nah, just read that Nintendo denies anything. Makes sense, the DS is going super strong atm, no reason to make mod’s to the design when its selling like pancakes.

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