Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS?

Grand Theft Auto IV may well be one of 2008’s most anticipated games, but the home console versions were thought to be the only ones in the works, with nothing coming Nintendo’s way as of yet, since Take Two Interactive believes the market on Wii and Nintendo DS is not suitable for such a title. However, in a strange twist, a rough release date list has slinked its way out of France and onto the Internet, showing what clearly seems to be a portable Nintendo edition!

Sadly, with 1st April just around the corner, any new and highly surprising news is always going to be met with a whole heap of scepticism for fear of anyone being caught out by the usual April Fool’s Day antics that go on each year. However, the list below, courtesy of, features a wide selection of games that we already know are indeed coming and the idea of Grand Theft Auto in portable format does not require a huge stretch of the imagination. After all, a classic version of the game did eventually appear on the Game Boy Advance. Check out the list below:

Could Grand Theft Auto IV really be coming to the Nintendo DS?

- Grand Theft Auto Advance (GBA, Take-Two Interactive)

If the game is indeed coming to the Nintendo DS, what form do you think it would come in - basic 3D or the classic top-down 2D format, such as the Game Boy Advance version shown in the video clip above for reference? Be sure to share your thoughts by posting below… Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS? newsvine:Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS? furl:Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS? reddit:Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS? fark:Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS? Y!:Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS? gamegrep:Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS?

3 comments on 'Grand Theft Auto IV...on Nintendo DS?'

Comment by Dizzle on 2008-03-30 21:50:05

April Fools… Buy a next gen system if you are REALLY interested in playing GTA IV.

Comment by SAM on 2008-03-31 01:20:32

hey f use were smart enough to see use would notice it was a mistake coz there is guitar hero 3 on ds right below it as well nd there is not guitar hero 3 coming 2 DS on guitar hero ON TOUR so just SHUTUP!!!

Comment by mu on 2008-03-31 13:49:38

this joke lacks imagination, class, clout, and does NOT deserve any publicity. if you want to fuck around for the first, put a little effort into it for god’s sake.

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