Konami unveils new details on PES 2009

No doubt to counterattack today’s release of EA Sports’ FIFA 09 demo, Konami has brought to light several new additions to the up-and-coming Pro Evolution Soccer 09, including an exclusive UEFA Champions League mode.

In a surprising twist of events, Konami today announced that it has acquired exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League license for the next four years which means we won’t be seeing Champions League-branded FIFA editions for quite some time. Unlike EA Sports, Konami will use the license to include a brand new gameplay mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 09, as well as future PES iterations we suppose, which will feature “all elements and attributes of the competition.”

Said UEFA:

“The Pro Evolution Soccer series is synonymous with football being played at the highest level, which makes it perfect for hosting the best club football competition in the world. We are delighted that PES 2009 will feature the UEFA Champions League and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Konami.”

Next, Konami also revealed that it has inked a deal with the European Champions, Manchester United, to include “the most detailed likenesses” of the Red Devils, plus full use of the team’s kits and club crests in the upcoming game. Additionally, Konami has agreed to become an official partner of Liverpool FC which will result in PES 2009 and the future PES installments being referred to as “Official Football Video Game of Liverpool FC.” Naturally, this agreement also means that the game will sport officially licensed Liverpool FC, including its kits, logos, and players.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 will be released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 17, followed by a Wii version in Spring 2009. PS2 and PSP versions are also planned for release later this year. unveils new details on PES 2009 newsvine:Konami unveils new details on PES 2009 furl:Konami unveils new details on PES 2009 reddit:Konami unveils new details on PES 2009 fark:Konami unveils new details on PES 2009 Y!:Konami unveils new details on PES 2009 gamegrep:Konami unveils new details on PES 2009

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