New 'Xbox360+' to be more than just a console

It appears that Ryan Geiss who is one of the core developers of the human-tracking algorithms for Project Natal has let something out-of-the-bag about a potential new 360 package known as Xbox360+ (Plus)

On Ryan Geiss’s own website he disclosed the following information:

I can finally disclose that I’m one of the core developers of the human-tracking algorithms for Project Natal…bringing full-body motion control to the Xbox 360+.

What would look like an apparent typo with the plus sign was challenged by Xbox Evolved, who made contact with a representative of the Geisswerks website. Whilst not getting a direct reply from Ryan Geiss himself, the statement they received was as follows:

”He uses standard keyboard which have numeric keys on the right so typing 360+ could have been a mistake although this time you are right. X360+ is true. + is to show consumers that this X is something more than just a console << Something like that will be posted by Microsoft PR due time. (Probably on twitter since that will be more of a "personal" message). Also it will not have 1TB drive ;)”

Since Microsoft have not made any official statements about an upcoming Xbox360+ this does remain a rumour until such time (if ever) we see more proof. Coming to our own conclusions, the statement by Geiss could simply suggest a ‘Project Natal’ bundled package - what do you think?

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9 comments on 'New 'Xbox360+' to be more than just a console'

Comment by Arthur Stopinski on 2009-07-27 22:56:30

I remember rumors about an elite. Guess what? It came out.

I starting to think MS does these rumors as PR hype, I mean I’ve not heard of a rumor from MS that didn’t come true.

Comment by Jason Andrews on 2009-07-27 23:07:11

Yeah I remember when people once laughed at the idea of a 360 with a HDMI port built in too

Comment by Chris on 2009-07-29 13:05:34

I really hope the Xbox360+ is Natal + a bigger drive, personally i just hope all the 360’s get bigger drives soon instead of a price cut, i’d love a 120 premium and 500gb elite.

Comment by AugustusBot on 2009-07-29 13:54:29

what are you doing on your xbox that you possibly need 500gb for?

i dont even fill 1/4 of 20gb w/ the arcade games i’ve gotten.

Comment by Arthur Stopinski on 2009-07-29 19:44:59

Well downloading games for one, one game easily takes up 5-7 gigs, and I’m up about 5 or 6 games on my 120 HD now.

Comment by agnathra on 2009-07-28 10:26:10

or a blu ray drive!

oh, wait…

Comment by Kid2007 on 2009-07-28 14:28:07

Really exciting, actually! :) Please keep the rumor mill churning, Xboxic - I can’t wait to see what Microsoft’s got cooking (and I love to hear people speculate about it :).

Comment by AugustusBot on 2009-07-28 16:06:40

They’d be retarded if a new super xbox didn’t include an Internet browser capable of watching things like Hulu and Youtube.

Comment by Veritas on 2009-07-28 16:36:05

Interestingly enough, Microsoft is said to be in talks with these companies. So, even if there isn’t a browser in the near future, direct content from those sites may be.

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