Sony: PSP is a must for Comic Fans

Following the announcement that a digital reader will be available on the PSP this year, Sony has claimed that it would make the PSP a must have for any comic book fan.

It has been revealed that users will be able to download hundreds of issues via the new Digital Comics service, which will be launched later this year. Several top publishing companies support the service, including Marvel, iVerse Media and IDW Publishing.

“This is a great new service that offers PSP owners even more options for entertainment on the go and makes PSP a must for comics fans,” said SCEE’s Isabelle Tomatis.

The PSP’s digital reader will allow users to view comic books as though they were reading a normal paper copy, or use a zoom function on each page to read the book panel-by-panel. This sounds very similar to using an e-book reader or Adobe Reader software so should be a very straight forward process of downloading your comic file and opening it with the new PSP Digital Reader

Ira Rubenstein from Marvel Entertainment added: “PSP’s new digital reader offers an unprecedented consumer experience that will extend the world of Marvel from print pages into the hands of fans around the world. We are excited to be part of this launch.”

Digital Comics for PSP is expected to launch in December.

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