Nintendo bringing Wario Land Wii to Europe/Aus [updated!]

There was an early leak of some new Nintendo flyers last month that showed off games such as Rhythm Tengoku Gold, Legend of Starfi 5 and Fatal Frame IV. Of particular interest, though, was the new Wario Land game, the fifth entry into the 2D platform series that previously landed on the Game Boy Advance. Thankfully it seems that those in PAL territories will not have to wait too long for it. [Updated with first screenshots]

According to the Australian Classification Review Board (also known as the Office of Film and Literature Classification), Nintendo will be bringing over Wario’s new two dimensional Wii adventure to the Australian region in the near future, with current speculation leading people to believe that the game will arrive in both Europe and Australia not long after the belated launch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with a possible early September launch touched upon.

Wario Land: The Shake Dimension coming to Wii in Europe sometime in 2008Something else that the website listing reveals is the actual developer of the game. Whereas many believed it would be an internal Nintendo development, others thought that it could well be one of Treasure’s two Nintendo Wii projects, especially considering the Japanese team has worked closely with the Kyoto Company on Wario World for the GameCube. However, it has now come to light that a small newcomer will be handling the task. A team called ‘Good Feel’ will be working on the game (its official website can be found here for those who understand Japanese). Whilst those that did not like what outside party Suzak did with Wario: Master of Disguise on the Nintendo DS may be gasping in despair, it should be considered that Kobe, Japan-based Good Feel’s Chief Executive Officer is none other than Shigeharu Umezaki who formerly worked at the Kobe branch of Konami, spear-heading the excellent Goemon / Mystical Ninja games from the days of the Super Nintendo.

Popular Japanese blogger sinobi, who not only regularly leaks early Famitsu sales data, but also gives commentary on the latest releases, has stated “The definitive Wario platform game may have finally been produced. Even people who just like 2D platformers should buy this.” And this has definitely been confirmed as a full Wii release, rather than a WiiWare game. It will have hand-drawn backgrounds with toon-shaded characters and, as Cubed³ translated from the original flyer:

“It will be a ‘lively action’ game, according to reports coming out of Japan, in which players will shake the Wii Remote, as well as tilt it, to make things occur in the game (like shake enemies to get coins, uncover hidden locations and so on). There will be twenty stages in total (more than Wario Land 4 on GBA), will just be a single-player adventure, and will span various locations such as jungle ruins, deserts and oceans. There will also be a throwing technique activated once again using the Wii Remote’s motion sensing capabilities, with the controller seemingly being held on its side like a NES pad. Finally, vehicles are making a welcomed comeback, with rockets and submarines being mentioned, and it appears the Wii controller’s speaker will play some role related to these vehicles.”

Wario Land 4 (GBA, Nintendo, Released: 2001)

Many have stated the game looks like the fantastic Wario Land 4 from the Game Boy Advance (a video clip of which you can see above). If that is indeed the case then the title will be something special and definitely one to keep an eye on. With the Japanese release date just over a month away, more details are expected to start flowing forth in the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned for more updates here on Nintendic…

Update: The first proper screenshots have appeared on the Internet today, courtesy of German website and can be seen below:

Wario Land: The Shake Dimension for Nintendo's Wii Wario Land: The Shake Dimension for Nintendo's Wii
Wario Land: The Shake Dimension for Nintendo's Wii Wario Land: The Shake Dimension for Nintendo's Wii
A new story mode and cut-scene introduction will be included
This scan of Wario Land: The Shake Dimension reveals the same screens as above

The scans reveal that Production I.G. will be doing a lengthy animated introductory sequence for the game, just as the team did for Bandai Namco with various Tales role-playing games, such as the recent Tales of Innocence on Nintendo DS, as well as both Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Professor Layton and the Devil’s Box. Also, it appears that Captain Syrup will be making a welcomed return. Translated details of the story in the scans above can be found below:

“Within an Ancient Globe (an old, giant globe exhibited at a museum), there is another world called Yuretopia (translator: “yure” = tremor/shaking). Yuretopia’s peace is shattered by the marauding pirate Shay King (translator: whatever). Queen Melfull and her Melfull subjects are imprisoned. Not only that, Shay King claims the legendary treasure “Deldel Purse,” which spits out coins whenever it is shaken. Captain Maple Syrup, the female pirate, observes Yuretopia’s crisis from the outside world. Setting her eyes on the legendary treasure but with no desire of doing the dirty work herself, she steals the Ancient Globe and sends it to Wario. True to form, Wario prepares to raid the beleaguered kingdom when Queen Melfull escapes to the outside world in hopes of finding help. Beseeched by the Queen to become a hero to the kingdom, Wario sets off to Yuretopia where the promise of vast treasures beckons…”

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