Advertising on ICGamers

Xboxic is a fast growing news site for Xbox enthusiasts, with thousands of daily visitors coming to read the latest news about their beloved games and consoles. Each month our news section generates about 2.5 million unique pageviews (average over fourth quarter 2006), to over 300.000 unique visitors that are in general male, 15-35 years old, with higher than average household income. Slighty over 50% of these visitors live in the United States, 20% come from the United Kingdom, and Canada and The Netherlands are sharing third place with 6% of the served pageviews. The remainder is mainly served to the other European countries and Australia.

Xboxic has its own adserving facilities, as such offering complete control over geotargeting and frequency of shown ads, and full media capacities. Showing a Flash ad only once per 18 hours to visitors from Togo and South Korea is no problem for example.

For banner advertising we currently provide 3 locations on our Xboxic frontpage, served on every page:

  • The top-right leaderboard (728x90)
  • A wide skyscraper in the right sidebar (160x600)
  • A medium rectangle between the 3rd and 4th tracker in the left sidebar (300x250)

More specialized advertising, such as site takeovers and competition sponsorships, are also possible. Contact us at with your specific requirements; we will gladly provide you with all details and make you a personalized offer.